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The "Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Hamper" is a comprehensive and thoughtful set that ensures the expectant mother feels cherished and supported during this special time. From pampering essentials to memory-keeping items, each element is chosen to make the pregnancy celebration a memorable and serene occasion. It's a perfect way to convey your excitement and support for the parents-to-be as they embark on this serene journey of parenthood.

What it includes: 

Belli Glo - Nourishing Belly Oil:
A luxurious belly oil enriched with nourishing ingredients to pamper and soothe the stretching skin during pregnancy.
Thoughtfully selected for its skin-nurturing properties and for providing a touch of self-care for the mom-to-be.

Aromumtherapy - Lemon Poundcake Anti-Nausea Candle:
An artisanal pure soy wax candle crafted with calming scents known for their anti-nausea properties, offering relief during those early days of pregnancy. The gentle flicker and subtle aroma create a serene ambiance, providing a moment of respite for the expectant mother.

Nip Balm - Nipple Butter for Tender Moments:
Tender care for tender moments. A nipple balm designed to bring comfort during pregnancy and breastfeeding, ensuring the mom-to-be experiences the gentlest care in preparation for the nurturing journey ahead.

Mama Mug for Sips of Serenity:
Sip in style with a specially designed "Mama" mug. It's a reminder of the incredible journey the mom is undertaking. Perfect for those moments of quiet reflection and relaxation.

Hush Mama - Mama Sleep Sachet:
A sachet filled with a blend of relaxing herbs and calming aromas, designed to promote restful sleep. Placed near the pillow, it transforms bedtime into a tranquil ritual, ensuring the mom-to-be enjoys much-needed moments of rest and rejuvenation.

Bump Book for Precious Memories:
Capture the journey with a beautifully designed bump book. An elegant way for the mom-to-be to document precious moments, ultrasounds, and thoughts as she carries her little one.

MAMA on Board - Bumper Car Sticker:
Spread the joy with an adorable Bumper Car Sticker announcing the impending arrival. A fun and creative way for the parents-to-be to share the news with friends and family as they cruise into this exciting chapter of life.

Affirmation Cards for Daily Positivity:
Elevate the spirits with a set of affirmation cards, each carrying positive messages and encouragement for the expectant mother. A daily dose of positivity to inspire and uplift throughout the pregnancy journey.

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